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tv   Headline News  RT  July 15, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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tragedy on the moscow metro at least twenty people dead more than one hundred injured after a train derails during morning rush hour. images from inside the tunnel show chaos and destruction around a dozen survivors still trapped and in the day's other news. doesn't kid too much about the sea legs so it has to be somebody from the outside world foreigners in gaza volunteers human shields hoping their presence will prevent israeli airstrikes on civilian buildings like hospitals as ceasefire talks fail to bring respite. britain's top diplomat bowing out william hague surprisingly puts the foreign office during a ruthless reshuffle we look at his time on the world stage and what his defense
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secretary replacement might have been still. five pm in moscow good to have you with us on our to international we begin with our breaking news coverage out of moscow metro train has derailed at least twenty people dead you can see from these images from the site of the tragedy just the scale of it the train headed at a full speed of seventy kilometers per hour when the emergency brakes activated at first three carriages collided sending the train off the rails one hundred sixty people were also injured more than one hundred are in the hospital around a dozen people are still thought to be trapped amid the wreckage. i mean here. i think. you. know.
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i've been to. our correspondent in monaco survivors at the park park by via the metro station near victoria park in western moscow near to where the tragedy happened he joins us live with the latest details so what details are we hearing emerging from the latest information about this morning's rush hour. well the rescue operation is still ongoing it will be continuing for the next few hours or so the emergency ministry said that this lion the skyline will be operational within that's one to four hours hopefully but until then the rescue operation continues here you can see probably behind me they said that's the headquarters of their
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rescue operations and from time to time people are still going down there while i've been here for the last few hours have seen helicopters a common goal the same with the ambulances as well like you said at least that's when see people have died as a result of that so that number could still grow as a lot of people are in the hospital but right now let's say hear from one of the victims who was in that first. train car in the metro. that is quite that much in your possession the train abruptly stopped i mean the blacked out and then i realized i was suffocating little me up i've never felt more scared in my life there was a horrible kind of there was hardly anything left of the front carriage just a big dent somebody then open the door and we got out. or mom you know many dozens of people have been injured some of them very seriously. tell us the latest on their status. absolutely not dozens i would say the
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numbers going into hundreds the latest reports said that at least twelve hundred people had been evacuated from on the ground and. at least one hundred and sixty had been injured and one hundred twenty one hundred thirty had been sent to the hospital where they were treated at least a third of those in the hospital there were apparently and they have very critical condition and a lot of them had been sent so they eat our room mergence a room and they're now being now worked on that's why we're saying that the number of casualties may still grow however when the tragic incident happened in the beginning was a little bit chaotic but then a lot of people they start helping each other out before they can see services had a chance to respond and try and they're trying to evacuate by themselves and now let's hear from one of those people. you know what would you thought i was inside
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the first carriage a sudden boom knocked me over the lights went out everyone huddled together all. it was clear the train derailed and the carriage on front of us was turning against me as metaphor i broke out and we're heading into fire extinguishers and what would our report a person who was standing next to me when the tragedy happened it is had a lot of blood and he blacked out. now one of those people is speaking to r.t. over the phone was indeed an acquaintance solve mine trying to get ahold of them all told him all more all morning to say when i first spoke with him a he said he had a lot of adrenaline in his voice and as he stepped out from the on the ground he was barefoot his clothes were absolutely ripped and then fortunately we were able to get ahold of him and he told us that he was ok certainly good to hear him on what is a suspected cause of this and of course that's
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a question on everybody's lips at this moment is why did this happen. absolutely if they could that question remains unanswered at this point that criminal investigation is and now underway experts are saying it will take them at least a couple of days to did serve in there to be one hundred percent sure of what happened but there are versions out there already unconfirmed but still there are out there apparently there was a fire alarm that caused the train the calls that the power outage to the rail and caused the train to go off track that's just one of the versions right now that is being checked out however it does get is going to take at least a couple of days meanwhile sergei said down in the mayor all moscow he is urging everybody all services involved to take care of this investigate this as soon as possible in the meantime he. offered help to the victims said to the time it is of
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the victims and the ones that were injured and that helped by ranges from anywhere from forty to about ninety thousand dollars. thanks very much our teams are mine kosar of joining us live there with the details so of course people talking about this on social media because that is the preferred medium in order to go and get the word out about tragedies especially like this we get some of the first hand information from. in these accounts we have an eyewitness who says a powerful impact threw him to the other end of the carriage another person describing what he says was the inside of one of the carriages seen lots of blood and injured people this tweet saying that one train carriage was almost ripped into two separate pieces and others saying that passengers use their bare hands to pull themselves out of the wreckage bloggers also describing the panic after the impact and how many passengers had suffered head wounds as well. turning to some of the day's other top stories israel has resumed its military offensive against gaza just several hours after unilaterally agreeing to
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a ceasefire the deescalation plan proposed by egypt was initially supported by the israeli government but rejected by hamas militants who kept up firing rockets the latest diplomatic failure is likely to add to the plight of civilians in gaza where almost two hundred people have already been killed harry fear visited a hospital there that's resorting to desperate measures to continue working and maybe airstrikes. after a week of fighting over two thousand two hundred sites have been targeted in gaza with missiles striking hundreds of homes as well as police stations civil administration buildings mosques and hospitals gaza's only rehabilitation hospital was among three that took direct hits its director general explained how it became a target in the morning we were hit with the first missiles from those are the warning signs that. leave this hospital we're going to destroy it's a second missiles hit then within fifteen minutes of third one hit another fifteen
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minutes all fourth one came from the rules but we are staying here to help support and protect and shield the patients that they are helpless among the seventeen patients here only a couple were conscious and able to talk to us the rest coma's they constitute some of the most severe medical cases inside gaza when the rockets hit was inside the clinic equal and. then will gamble the lines of the sense. that i'm an zone in the home of. someone on a model. with just one kilometer away from the border with israel and this is where the first news of struck. one of the theory is that israel wants to live up to a new leader is the new order. since. the same day at five o'clock missile that hit the hospital they called me we were. the first for
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that time. to go as a person release the hospital made an emergency appeal for support and got an unexpected response pro palestinian international activists sitting in as human shields inside the hospital is really doesn't care too much about palestinian lives so it has to be somebody from the outside world somebody from the western world they believe their presence protects the hospital claiming that israel will take measures to make certain that foreigners are not among casualties my presence here is more valuable for. for the international community in the sense that this world cannot hurt me striking the hospital represents a significant low point in this most recent israel hamas escalation the third of its kind in the last several years but if it's all civilian it's a grave breach of the geneva convention. and might amount to war crimes on the
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international force because have even. a greater level of protection. for example with houses while we were filming at the hospital an airstrike took place just a couple of hundred meters from where we were standing we ran for cover it's a measure of how dangerous this place is that even vulnerable patients find themselves at risk. most of the casualties arriving in gaza's hospitals are still known competence and the health service is almost at breaking point with staff having to work around the clock harry fear marty gaza. meanwhile palestinians living in israeli occupied territories in the west bank are venting anger going head to head with israeli defense forces. yeah backed by armored vehicles dispersed crowds of palestinians to use tear gas and stun grenades to quote hundreds of people who gathered in bethlehem in the west bank to
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protest against israeli military occupation there are reports that several people were injured during the rally. more news coming your way after a short break including what's next for the u.k.'s former foreign secretary after a surprise resignation stay with us.
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choose your language. choose the consensus. choose the opinions that you think. choose the stories that him. choose. to. fourteen minutes past the hour britain's foreign secretary is quitting the job as part of the prime minister's cabinet purge that seen a swathe of changes at the top william hague's somewhat surprised resignation after four years in the position will see him replaced by former defense secretary philip hammond he was one of the most vocal proponents of western military operations especially when it came to syrian intervention. the syrian regime's escalating use
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of indiscriminate and disproportionate force against the people of syria. using tanks torture artillery scud missiles average tanks laying siege to desperate people and presiding over the creation of a humanitarian catastrophe but hague failed to convince parliament to vote for an attack on syria that somewhat weakened his public standing in an embarrassing defeat parliament told hager the prime minister should cool it down hay had to tell hague should have told david cameron to retreat on syrian issue before the vote that's how the papers sought after the debate some like the guardian even claim that hague should have resigned after failing to judge the political and public mood let's get reaction from world affairs a journalist and broadcaster neil clark. so neil why do you think he chose to go. i think that there's no doubt that we're in a period as far secretary in pretty disastrous for britain he was
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a strong supporter of the iraq war in two thousand and three when he was in opposition in two thousand and eleven he took into war against libya and his call ironic that the day we hear about him in stepping down we've got this news about libya what's happening in tripoli with fighting at the airport libya is in total chaos he said it's a rowing country now because of the western intervention now on top of that he's done all he can of it in the last three years to try and get military intervention against syria and of course he's been a strong supporter of backing the rebels there and so i think that william hague's times foreign secretary has been disastrous not think he should have resigned last summer when he failed to get parliament to support war against syria that's the time he should have gone but the sad thing is of course is that yes he's going but he's being replaced by a man who's probably just as hawkish philip hammond and so this isn't really about individuals it's about government policy which is hawkish neo conservative a status quo to change really. now aside from the syrian. failure in order to get
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britain into syria what else do you think this time of the foreign office will be remembered for libya libya is such an important issue isn't it because he took us into war against libya i think there are two hundred people killed and he brings to the twenty eleven and he said gadhafi had to be stopped he was killing his own people going over four hundred fifty people killed in ukraine by ukrainian government coming out they're saying ukrainian government has to be stopped so i think libya is is his iraq if you like in the same way that tony blair destroyed iraq so william hague and his neo conservatives in this government have destroyed libya long of course with america and france and other countries that joined in not a little gratian so i think that the whole country has been destroyed because of his policies and he's done the same to serial tried to do the same to syria and if you look at his time as far as secretary you know what is he don't write really well what good has he done. so i think it's very good that he's stepping down but as i say it's it sad that he's not going to be replaced by someone who would be
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better he's being replaced by someone who is just as hawkish i think they will become the new and will now become leader of the house of commons why is he being given this relatively backroom job well i'm not sure you know i think william hague has a lucrative career in writing i think he's got other interests he's he's made a fortune from writing he's me here a parent says and so i think that this is sort of pushing him away really while keeping him involved in the government and i think i think that it's good to see him go i think very few people around the world will more his he's leaving office and i think that the government really needs a more fundamental change in foreign policy before we can start celebrating what happened of course because this is a neo conservative government william hague you know case by no and so it really doesn't matter too much what he has a lot of money outside of the government when he does leave the company. to get twenty eight and sell it so i think it's good news in a way that but it doesn't really matter too much in the end either way really. well
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let's take a look at the new man in the job philip hammond he was defense secretary and came into politics from the business world he's known for hard line conservative views as you've stated he zero skeptic and he has said that he would vote to leave the e.u. if there was a referendum hammond is also an outspoken opponent of same sex marriage and a supporter of big spending on the military so why in your opinion do you think he was chosen to replace a well accepted for those reasons. your skepticism is an interesting point because i think this government is right worried about threats who. don't read very well in the european elections as they did after a hard line of thought it would be a good man to do this i think that's one of the main reasons he's been promoted to light because of course the general election he's only just a year away now so i said so i think it's not so much to spock's all syria or all the middle east generally i think it's really he's much more of a hardcore the william hague was and i think that's probably why david cameron has
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decided to promote it so what kind of new foreign policy or any kind of change in foreign policy do you think we can see with hammond in the chair but i don't i'm going to see a radical change of course go i think to get to the top in british politics you've got to be pretty hawkish would be very pro-u.s. would have a right line on the middle east israel where you quote intervention cetera but i think as i said we don't really see a hard thing of the government policy towards the e.u. in the build up to the election because the conservatives are very worried about ukip and i think they're going to have to put a euro skeptic you know pay the euro skeptic cos in the next year or so the lead up to the election i said i think that's only the main change we're going to see awful syria of course it's pretty clear the public don't want anything to do with intervention in syria they tried that one last year they're going it's still it's up to the rebels and i think that's a day now and i think there's going to be a race in and hopefully there will be can i i'm not too optimistic to be honest neil clark thanks for your time thanks mark.
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turning now to eastern ukraine this is the town of near donetsk residents say they were bombed by the ukrainian air force early tuesday morning a block of flats collapsed as a result of the attack at least four people killed including an elderly couple it's feared more people could be trapped under the rubble the neighboring has been shelled by the ukrainian army for several days most recently a residential area targeted one shell landing on the roof of a nine story building several others hit a school killing a guard there self defense forces say eighteen people have been killed in the last three days where if a notion. the situation here on the ground pays very tempting and tensions continue to escalate challis almost never stops we hear the sounds over to read day and night and even right and now in the. tanks moved and multiple who broke it launcher is known as get out all hail. and to governments for cities to say that degraded
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troops are getting closer to the city center and then now not further than ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now doctors are working twenty four seven and to see timor full death toll is continuing to rise from both sides although it is very hard to say so far how many people were killed because the clashes on to go in and casualties among civilians population are old so on a constant rise because residential area is often. heat we visited many scenes to shells landed there and the images we saw on the ground were really terrible some of them we cannot even show here and with all these escalation here in eastern ukraine people continue to leave and they do not know when or if they will be able to come back. turning back to the u.k. now as a new law on recording and surveillance goes before the british parliament calls from human rights campaigners are becoming louder the bill comes following the
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european court of justice it's justice decision to recognise data gathering by intelligence services as infringing on human rights following that ruling mobile phone companies got ready to delete data they've collected something the u.k. government didn't want to let happen to take a closer look at the new legislation. critics fear the new law will expand surveillance powers this time and place and the number dialed up would all be kept by mobile operators plus the conversation itself could be taped internet service providers would monitor and accord the pages their clients visited any information could be stored for up to twelve months this is britain's prime minister pledging an extra eight hundred million pounds for monitoring operations some experts doubt whether measures like this are necessary that you do of course want to be protected from terrorists and extremists at the same time you also need some protection from your own states about what we've really seen from the last few years is that whatever the door you put down to monitor the amount that you are surveyed by your own government they will go up to the absolute limits of what that you are downs
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they have convinced everybody that there is an emergency that the data is simply not be available the police will not have the ability to get hold that data so is a national security emergency they believe it's not really true they will get it through parliament i'm sure thoughts what will happen is that we will take that call other civil liberties organizations will take in that cool again and what they will find is that they've got it wrong and they will be told to stop again. turning now to some international headlines an explosion in afghanistan's eastern paktika province has killed more than eighty people after another deadly attack in the capital kabul that left two presidential media staff dead the paktika province attack has targeted a busy market during rush hour when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle among the crowds officials say most of the victims women and children in one of the deadliest to talk attacks on civilians in recent months. iraqi troops launched another offensive to retake the city of take
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crete taken by insurgents in june the army operation to push militants from the islamic state out of crete began two weeks ago but became bogged down in the south of the city the bloody uprising spurred by islamic state has already left thousands dead with islamists controlling the vast areas of iraq. libya considering calling for international military assistance to tackle the deteriorating security situation there the country's main airport hit by multiple rockets late on monday killing at least one person reportedly destroying most of the planes on site between rival militias to control the air hub started sunday violence between paramilitary units in libya has been rising since the fall of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven. recapping you are hours breaking news at least twenty people killed when three metro cars derailed in the russian capital up to twelve bodies remain in the tunnel more than one hundred sixty people have been injured in the tragedy this is the
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first video from inside the tunnel you can see the twisted wreckage of the carriages a rush hour power cut because of the trains emergency braking system to be activated and then with the carriages do you really some eyewitnesses say they waited for an hour in the wagons before breaking into the tunnel if the ambulance crews on site with helicopters airlifting the most seriously wounded to the hospital stay with us on our t.v. all of the latest updates about the tragedy in moscow. boom bust coming your way next for all the latest on the global financial ups and downs stay with us. if there's anything we're afraid of in the modern western world isn't al qaeda or aids or something like that it's words just words especially on the internet morning radio shock jock the cumia from the opie and anthony show has been fired
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for a massive twitter rant that he made against a woman who believed that the radio host was taking mocking photographs of her and got aggressive with him who may claim to just be taking pictures of time square now normally what you do outside of work shouldn't matter but with public personalities i can see how people want them to have good behavior all the time but the problem is that guys like him are put on the airwaves to have bad behavior what does the sirius x.m. company expect from people they put on air to be wild and raunchy this is typical corporate boardroom mentality well we want morning gigi's to be really crazy and shocking but not too crazy and show king hey i don't have a horse in this race i actually think the opie and anthony show is pretty dismal but when i see someone getting fired for wacky shock jock stuff that is in a way kind of part of his job well just seems very hypocritical to me but that's just my opinion.
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there coming here from new york first up we all know that actions have consequences but financial regulators they don't really seem to care not that much so he has fines and foreign banks they're having some. unintended consequences what will they do where will they go we looked into it coming up then dr barry eichengreen is on the show today dr ivan greene has done considerable research on the history and operation of the international monetary and financial system and he sat down with walker earlier today to discuss the validity of the country's probably regulatory and foreign dubious and in today's big deal edward earth and i are discussing the
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annual brick summit held in brazil right now sorry no more soccer for you above or finding out what this means for the emerging markets of the brics doesn't mean it's all start right now. now our lead story today actions and consequences massive fines placed on foreign banks by the united states or garnering a lot of pushback from the international banking community now this comes following the nine billion dollar fine that french bank b.m.p. perrie boss has agreed to pay the u.s. government after conducting billions of dollars worth of business with sudan iran
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and cuba all of which are not on america's good list no they're not but the curious thing about this situation is that france france is supposed to be on america's good list aren't they pretty important ally in fact there is another u.s. ally currently being slapped with fines by banking regulators as well german commerce bank the german bank has been accused of conducting business with an iranian state sponsored shipping firm and could be forced to cough up between six and eight hundred million dollars in order to resolve investigations into its comply. once with us sanctions now over the past five years over half a dozen foreign banks have settled with u.s. authorities over sanctions violations to the tune of more than twelve billion dollars again these are not u.s. banks they're foreign banks back in two thousand and twelve british lender standard chartered was accused of hiding two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of iranian transactions from regulators and ultimately forked over.


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